2017-2019 Alumni Club of Seattle Board of Directors


Alex Korbonits, SB'10

Vice President
open position

Communications Chair
Charles Wartemberg, MBA'14

Programming Chair
Chirag Ved, AB'16

Members at Large
Lekan Fabode, MBA'13
Amanda Foster, AB'11
Tracey Guice, MBA'04
Manuela Noske, PhD’95
Sophia Posnock, AB'12

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Welcome to the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Seattle! This is the website for the club, the central place for the creation of and registration for events. If you haven’t already, be sure to register with the Alumni Directory so that we have your most up-to-date contact information. That way, you’ll automatically stay informed of the latest and greatest events we’re hosting. Please keep in touch! We’d love to hear from you personally. You should also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for slightly more real-time posts, interactions, and events: simply search for “University of Chicago Alumni Club of Seattle”. You’re more than welcome to create a post or host an event yourself.

Looking to find or foster some much-needed collective effervescence with like-minded alumni? Do you yearn for socializing with others for whom life is all about the Life of the Mind? Reminisce about glorious Scav Hunt victories, eagerly recall epically early wake-ups for Kuvia, catch up on latest news about the Cretaceous, and find new friends in the spirit that would make Aristotle proud, by joining and participating in our community. We look forward to meeting you!

Have you noticed more events and newsletters in the last year or so? As part of the Inquiry and Impact campaign, my goal is to attempt to reach out to as many alums in the Seattle Area as possible before 2019. We want to create a vibrant and engaging community to give Seattle the club it really deserves, on par with other major clubs around the world. There are roughly 2,700 University of Chicago alumni in the greater Seattle area, representing a very diverse group of individuals across professions, schools, ages, interests, and identities. Together, we all share the University of Chicago in common. Within the last year, we’ve created a board, identified and elected leaders, led many new kinds of events, and increased their frequency. My long-term vision for this club is for you to think of making plans for the weeks and weekends ahead, and immediately wonder what our club has to offer and inspire you.

This is your club. It’s my club. It’s our club. I encourage you to make suggestions, share ideas, and lead an event for something you’re passionate about. Collectively, we can aspire to live up to the motto we all know by heart:

Crescat Scientia
Vita Excolatur

Welcome to the University of Chicago.

Alex Korbonits, SB’10
University of Chicago Alumni Club of Seattle